Cost-effective headphones recommended

Cost-effective headphones recommended

Iron triangle msr7 “stranger wife”

Through the “nickname” we know that this headset is biased towards the female voice. Xiao Lu didn’t listen to this headset, but the friends I heard have said that the tolerance of this headset is not so good, but if you like the style of Japanese anime, this headset will be very suitable for your positioning, and then Coupled with a more “tight” head and a full-fledged design, it is definitely suitable for young sports elites.

Sony MDR-1A

This earphone has always been the object of borrowing indefinitely, so it is very deep in emotion. His listening orientation is wider than that of “wives”, but personally, like to use it to listen to the ending song of “Bourne Shadow”. That feeling is as hearty as playing a game. Yes, it is especially suitable for listening to popular male voices in Europe and America, and music like “Wind Moon” which is better for jumping. In appearance, it is very similar to the “person and wife”, because one of the reasons they appear is to kill each other alive.

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 “Big Head 2”

In fact, the real nickname of this product is called ” Big Head ” and the two generations of this series are divided into sizes, and the disadvantages of the first generation and the little girl are very obvious, so today we only talk about the second generation of this big, as for small, if Your ears or head are slim. You can also choose because both product attributes are similar.

But compared to the previous two products, its basic quality may be a little lower, this inconvenience, but its real advantage is that the extremely simplified European style and workmanship details are refined, the overall appearance of the headphones is very quality, light This point, you can capture a group of “real face value party” heart. Besides, the sound quality of Sennheiser can be worse. For such a high-powered product, that little sacrifice is really worth it!

Ps: Personally like the design and appearance of the big earmuffs, but for cost-effective reasons, if you buy, I will not choose it, of course. This is just my personal value orientation.

 As usual, it seems to be summed up, but in fact, I have already said it. Let me share my personal attitude toward cost performance. Because some people have said before, my current values ​​are due to ability. When I improve my ability, I may not pursue the ultimate price/performance ratio. So sometimes the choice of cost-effectiveness is not completely related to the situation, but more of a life attitude.


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