Out of the street headphones recommended

1.Audio-technica ATH-CLR100IS

There is nothing to say about this headset, a small headphone in the middle of the law, not to mention what new technology is used inside, it is all manufacturers blowing. Talk about the sense of hearing, this headset continues the iron family’s consistent characteristics: three-band balanced, high-frequency full, not to mention what music style can be controlled, the basic can still listen, if the hard words, then the vocals can be, after all, iron home The understanding of vocals is still very beautiful. This headset has six colors, black and white, orange and blue, and you can choose different colors according to your preferences.

2. Sennheiser MX375

This headset may look a bit strange, but personally, think this headset is pretty cool. As the world’s leading manufacturer of professional microphones and earphones, Sennheiser has always insisted on balanced tri-band and excellent resolution, even on entry-level products (precise German craft). Tri-band balance, no balance of unbiased characteristics, not to mention what style can be controlled, this headset can do anything, can eat anything, this is also a major feature of Sennheiser. Ordinary pop music is basically enough, classical music can also listen, but want to get a better experience, add money.

3. Sony MDR-XB50AP

This headset has no advantages, no defects. The sound is consistent in the Sony style, clear but slightly tuneful. The low frequency is very heavy, but it is not very clear, it is a bit low and low. The above uses Sony’s extrabass technology, but it is not a feeling with my SRS-XB3. After all, Sony Dafa is good, it is worthy of this price.

4. Sony MDR-XB450AP

Sony at this price has already demonstrated its rumor about going out. Back to the topic, the sound quality of this headset is quite ok, the resolution is quite good (of course, for this price point). The tri-band is not balanced, the sound style is obviously biased towards the mid-low frequency. Listening to pop, rock, hiphop is still a pretty good choice, classical or other, even if you are, you will pick up the headphones.

5. AKG Y30

The design is just like that. The six colors can be chosen according to your own preferences. After all, I have always disliked the design of AKG. I don’t think much, otherwise, it will inevitably bring some personal colors. Talk about the sound, as the successor of the K420, Y30 continues the style of the K420. Tri-band equalization, sound reproduction is more accurate, the resolution is quite general, can only be said to be worthy of this price.

6. audio-technica ATH-CKB50

This headset tells the truth that when I got it, there were only two words, amazing. But after seeing the impedance and sensitivity, I instantly cried, and the impedance of 65 ohms and the sensitivity of 104 were definitely not pushed casually. Then silently went to Dafa’s zx2 player. How to say it, as the entry-level work of the moving iron, it is not very good, but in terms of sound, it is OK, after all, the moving iron unit, the resolution is there, but the low frequency is not really good. This is a real penny. If you want to experience it, you can buy one. If it is used for a long time, I suggest you change the traditional dynamic headphones, such as ckr5 and ckr50.

7. Sennheiser CX3.00

Earlier said that Sennheiser’s headphones are known for tri-band balance, but this product is a different kind. His voice is more biased towards the mid-low frequency, the sound is fuller, the low frequency is powerful, although the mid-high frequency is not colorful, there is a paste, but it can be said to be delicate, this earphone is a relatively good value earphone, personally prefer this headset.

8. Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear

The first thing that I didn’t hesitate to think about was this item, which was also one of my favorite headphones. The sound is clear and the three frequencies are balanced. At that time, my friend recommended this headset to me. I refused because I personally hated headphones with wheat. But then I went to the store and listened to it. It was really amazing. It was completely different from the imaginary sound. The resolution was still very strong, and there was no sound in the sound. The typical Sennheiser style. Mainly with a microphone is sometimes very convenient, not to call the phone to the mouth. And this headset subverts my understanding of Sennheiser design. Before that, I completely believed that Sennheiser’s products were all made by a group of acoustic engineers and guest designers.

9. Sennheiser MOMENTUM ON EAR

I thought about putting the wooden hoe on the head for a long time… It is estimated that the person who designed the wooden hoe and the person who designed the tassel is not a group of people. This headset is one of my most commonly used headphones, the sound is nothing to say, the typical three-band balanced Sennheiserstyle. However, I would like to talk about its medium and high frequency. Unlike other Sennheiser headphones, the medium and high frequency of the wooden head is more powerful and expressive.

10. audio-technica ATH-IM70

The sound is consistent with the characteristics of the iron family, the voice is mellow, the female voice is high, and the consistent female poison style. In terms of design, it is really simple and rough color matching.

It is worth mentioning that the iron family used a double-acting design on this earphone, called “symphonic double moving coil”. Anyway, I haven’t figured out how this thing works. In short, the sound quality is very good.


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